The New Era in pressure casting of Sanitary-ware.

The COMPACT® system has been designed with the purpose to reach important plant-engineering targets:
•The total automation of the casting process of complex bowls
•The drastic reduction of the machinery costs
•The automation of mould changing process
With these targets, the COMPACT® pressure casting system has been designed, and it is based on the central function of the handling Robot.
This robot, unlike all traditional systems, assumes some new functions that before was performed by each single pressure casting machine: mould handling during opening and recomposition, sticking of the rim, other than to all the de-molding operation of the piece.
This innovative system allows to simplify the pressure casting machines limiting their function to the closing of the mould during the pressure-casting process.
This reduces, as a consequence, the complexity and cost of the equipment.
Beside that, thanks to the use of a 700 kg payload robot enabling the handling of the mold, also the automatic mould change became possible.