The units operate along the assembly line of telescopic forks

The machines with articulated arms and steel rope allow the lifting and handling of horizontal profiles up to a maximum weight of 250 kg.

Two are on a fixed column and the third is equipped with an autostable base that allows the movement of the machine if needed.

The maximum working radius of all three is 4 and a half meters, the minimum is 1 meter, the vertical working stroke is 2 meters.

The tools, made for the specific application, are with pneumatic gripper and consist of:

– Pressure switch calibrated to ensure a secure grip

– Molded and rubber coated jaws for a total adherence to the product

– Self-centering system to keep the load aligned by reducing the operator’s effort in paying attention to the grip

The machines were connected to the company network through our Kit industry 4.0 which makes data related to the manipulators available and readable, as well as important production information. This also makes effective and timely remote maintenance possible in case of need.

Like all our products, the installed floating system allows the verification of the weight of the product and therefore manages accidental anti-release.