From September 15th to October 3rd

All days monday to friday, including exhibition period, in WHITECH Technological Laboratory an Open-House has been organized for the official presentation of the innovative pressure-casting system COMPACT®.
The main target of this event is to show, through a practical and real demonstration, the innovative and revolutionary characteristics of this new system representing the state of the art of the technology and a landmark in the ceramic sanitary-ware industry.
The demonstration will follow this agenda:
•Pressure-casting of a stick-on-rim bowl
•Automatic mold change
•Pressure casting of a ONE-PIECE bowl
•Automatic mold change
•Pressure casting of a wash basin with horizontal de-molding
This agenda will allow to touch the enormous potentials of this system combined with the Fast and Automatic mold change feature allowing to substitute the mold on the machine in few minutes.
We wait you in great numbers! You can book your visit clicking on the following button “REGISTRATION FORM”.
You will be contacted to define all logistic aspects of your visit of which WHITECH Team will take complete charge.
Thank you for your participation.