Inside the strategy to create a technical Network (TNP) together with specialized companies with the main purpose of extending WHITECH’s technology to specific growing markets, WHITECH identified in NEPTUNE Industries Ltd. the best partner to expand together in the Indian market.
Further to NEPTUNE exhaustive analysis of WHITECH solutions dedicated to the ceramic sanitary-ware industry, Mr. R.V. Panchal, CEO of Neptune Industries, decided to sign the contract which ratifies the close and active cooperation with WHITECH organization.
This agreement allows to make available WHITECH’s know-how and high-tech products in the Indian market of ceramic sanitary-ware and enables local Customers to have immediate access to the up-to-date solutions for the automation of the production process in casting, drying, glazing and end of line equipment (grinding and palletizing units).
Whitech technology combined with the specific Neptune expertise in equipment for slip, glaze and plaster mold preparation plants allow the two organizations to offer a complete and integrated range of equipment covering the entire production process.
This agreement provides for NEPTUNE’s direct commitment in taking care of the service to Customers, the local construction of main components of casting, drying and glazing lines and the commercial promotion of WHITECH’s solutions together with their own products.
WHITECH, from its direction, will support NEPTUNE in its activities providing with the engineering works that make constantly available all up-to-date technical and technological solutions developed by WHITECH in several installations and almost 40 years of experience.
Beside that WHITECH will supply all Robotic systems and sophisticated parts completing the components produced in India by NEPTUNE and constituting a fully operational working cell.
In addition to technical and commercial advantages for both the two organizations and the Customers, the decision was driven by common vision and values.
Both organizations are convinced that the revolutionary characteristics of the new COMPACT Pressure Casting Systems, combined to the savings coming from the local construction of the main equipment and the NEPTUNE’s direct Service, make of these new installations a competitive solution for the Indian sanitary-ware producers of any scale they belong to.