How to guarantee a successful result for an automation project

Have clear goals. Knowing what automation will offer to the company, at an early stage it is essential to have a clear understanding of the targets related to the budget

Understanding of processes

Once the target of the project has been decided, it is essential to map the company production processes. Automation is not easy and failed projects have one thing in common: a lack of understanding of how operational processes integrate within the company. Problems can arise when automating a portion of operations without knowing how it will adapt to other production areas.

Project managers

From the earliest stages of the automation journey, it is important to map roles and responsibilities. Precisely define who within the company will provide updates to interested parties. Without clear organization, automation projects can falter. Results can be reached through maximum communication between all the parties involved, from the workshop to the management.

The patience

Resistance to automation projects is natural and can occur from those within the company responsible for managing key phases, it is crucial to have a strategy for managing personnel from the earliest stages of the project, including how to keep everyone informed and fully involved with a sense of collective responsibility.

Modular projects

A decisive key is to choose to start with small areas, where automation guarantees a marked improvement in results. Prototype solutions on a small scale to verify their actual functioning and then be able to replicate them in other production areas.

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